1. Alan Lomax's American Patchwork
    Various Artists

  2. Guitar Music of Western Kenya: 45s from the archive of Shem Tupe
    Shem Tupe, Justo Osala and Enos Okola

  3. All Parts Dark
    Marika Politissa

  4. Furaha Wenye Gita
    George Mukabi

  5. Mike Hanapi with Kalama's Quartet
    Mike Hanapi

  6. Brother Theotis Taylor
    Brother Theotis Taylor

  7. Kostas Bezos and the White Birds
    Kostas Bezos and the White Birds

  8. Frank and His Sisters
    Frank and His Sisters

  9. Man Walked On The Moon
    Abner Jay

  10. Alexis Zoumbas
    Alexis Zoumbas

  11. In A Desperate Red
    The Rats

  12. Jean-Bosco Mwenda (1952-1962)
    Jean-Bosco Mwenda

  13. Bulawayo Blue Yodel
    Various Artists

  14. On the Street of Dreams
    The Space Lady

  15. Für Alina
    Arvo Pärt

  16. Usiende Ukalale: Omutibo From Rural Kenya
    Various Artists

  17. Where Else Would I Be?
    Olima Anditi

  18. Pacific City
    Shelley Short

  19. Nobody But You
    Little Bob and the Lollipops

  20. I Believe I'll Go Back Home
    Various Artists

  21. The Space Lady's Greatest Hits
    The Space Lady

  22. The Devil is Busy in Knoxville
    Various Artists

  23. Jessie Mae Hemphill
    Jessie Mae Hemphill

  24. Root Hog Or Die: 100 Songs, 100 Years, An Alan Lomax Centennial Tribute
    Alan Lomax Collection

  25. Darby & Tarlton
    Darby & Tarlton

  26. Harmonica Frank
    Harmonica Frank

  27. Troubled Waters
    Various Artists

  28. I'm In a Strange Town
    Various Artists

  29. A. Kostis - The Jail's A Fine School
    A. Kostis

  30. Panic Sentry
    Dragging an Ox Through Water

  31. Yodel And Sing Their Greatest Hits
    The Dezurik Sisters

  32. Ghost Woman Blues
    Various Artists

  33. Intermittent Signals
    The Rats

  34. My Intention Is War
    Various Artists

  35. On The Waters Edge
    Blind Uncle Gaspard, Delma Lachney

  36. Seven Skeletons Found In The Yard : Trinidad Calypsos 1928-1947
    Various Artists

  37. The Rats
    The Rats

  38. United Sacred Harp Convention: The Alan Lomax Recordings, 1959
    United Sacred Heart Convention

  39. Sid Hemphill: The Devil's Dream (The 1942 Library of Congress Recordings)
    Sid Hemphill

  40. Too Many People
    Dead Moon

  41. The Alan Lomax Recordings
    Fred McDowell

  42. Dark Was The Night Cold Was The Ground
    Blind Willie Johnson

  43. Join The Band
    Georgia Sea Island Singers

  44. Street Musicians of Yogyakarta
    Various Artists

  45. I'll Be So Glad When the Sun Goes Down: Alan Lomax's "Southern Journey​" 1959–1960
    Alan Lomax Collection

  46. I'll Meet You On That Other Shore: Alan Lomax's "Southern Journey​​" 1959–1960
    Alan Lomax Collection

  47. I'm Gonna Live Anyhow Until I Die: Alan Lomax's Southern Journey​,​ 1959–1960
    Alan Lomax Collection

  48. Wave the Ocean, Wave the Sea: Alan Lomax's "Southern Journey​,​" 1959–1960
    Alan Lomax Collection

  49. Worried Now, Won't Be Worried Long: Alan Lomax's "Southern Journey​,​" 1959–1960
    Alan Lomax Collection

  50. Folk Song Stylist
    Abner Jay

  51. Range Rats
    Range Rats

  52. The Rain Don't Fall On Me
    Various Artists

  53. Depression / I'm So Depressed 7”
    Abner Jay

  54. I Woke Up One Morning in May
    Various Artists

  55. Mata La Pena
    Various Artists

  56. True Story of Abner Jay
    Abner Jay

  57. Earth Groove
    Pandit Prannath

  58. Fight On, Your Time Ain't Long
    Various Artists

  59. Oh Graveyard, You Can't Hold Me Always
    Various Artists

  60. Straight To The Heart
    Pierced Arrows

  61. I Don't Feel At Home in this World Anymore
    Various Artists

  62. Life is a Problem
    Various Artists

  63. Last Kind Words (1926-1953)
    Various Artists

  64. What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?
    Washington Phillips

  65. Dead Ahead
    Dead Moon

  66. Alive in the Unknown
    Dead Moon

  67. Trash & Burn
    Dead Moon

  68. Destination X
    Dead Moon

  69. Hard Wired In Ljubljana
    Dead Moon

  70. Nervous Sooner Changes
    Dead Moon

  71. Crack In The System
    Dead Moon

  72. Strange Pray Tell
    Dead Moon

  73. Live Evil
    Dead Moon

  74. Stranded in the Mystery Zone
    Dead Moon

  75. D.O.A. Single
    Dead Moon

  76. Defiance
    Dead Moon

  77. Thirteen Off My Hook
    Dead Moon

  78. Unknown Passage
    Dead Moon

  79. In the Graveyard
    Dead Moon


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