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Sikko Banna la musique du cœur c’est la joie SÉNÉGAL bi nekhoulén Sénégal, ma vie, ma joie SÉNÉGAL bi safoulén Ça c’est le rythme Sikko SÉNÉGAL, ma vie, ma joie Bougez Bougez Bougez Dansez Seydou, mane way nalaaa Seydou Golden Sikko Henry, mane way nalaaa Henry Golden Sikko Vincent, mane way nalaaa Vincent, Golden Sikko Abba, mane way nalaaa Abba, Golden Sikko GOLDEN mane way nallén --- Assiko Band music from the heart It’s pure joy! SENEGAL if you enjoy it Senegal, my life, my joy SENEGAL if you like the taste That’s the Assiko rhythm SENEGAL, my life, my joy Move! Move! Move! Dance! Seydou, I sing for you Seydou Golden Sikko Henry, I sing for you Henry Golden Sikko Vincent, I sing for you Vincent, Golden Sikko Abba, I sing for you Abba, Golden Sikko GOLDEN I sing for you all
Degloulén ma wakhlén nimouy démé Amoul kii, amoul kéh, daniouy bégué Diaroul thioow Niou tek lépp si souff Bégué moniou fi baaaaaah Nieuwlén niou ande Bégué Bégué Bégué Allez niou ande --- Listen! Let me tell you how it’s going down It won’t be this, nor that - we're celebrating No fights Let's drop everything And just feel the vibrations of happiness Let’s come together in our shared love for music Let’s celebrate and be happy together Life’s a party Come on, let’s go!
Sama Néné 04:57
Sama néné mongui diooyeeh Néné yaw lodi diooy Sama tanta moma doreeeh Yaye booy nakhal maaako, maman Kouy laal Mademba sabar gua thia ndaayane Deskoy laal ndatt saay Kouy laal sama doom diéh Heeeh yay Ayooh beeeyooh beyoooh Sama doome sama sopé dounda mata diooyoh Mom lay dioyoo doom So doundé ba mane liguey waw Feral saay rongogn’Oooooh --- My baby is crying Sweet child of mine, why are you crying? It's my aunt who hit me Let’s sing you a lullaby And you shall be cradled, oh mother! Who dares to touch my son Demba?! I'm going to play the sabar* drums from the fishing village of Ndayanne** We’ll play the comforting rhythm ndak saiye This is our lullaby My son, my beloved, I hear you What saddens my child saddens me Don’t cry too much for you shall find your path in life and find your purpose Your sadness will dissipate
Magg Tekki 03:48
Magg Tekki! Magg yeureumlén gouné yi Gouné yi, diapalé lén magg gnii Gouné yi, dimbalinén magg gnii Yarr ak Teguine si magg gni Euleuk lou magg hame ame Khalé yi niokoy moudié Am ngeureun, am deurreum Magg Tekki! Dieureudieuffé Mame Cheikh Ibra Fall Abbo Ridial innakal kamal Baaboul mouridine Babay mame seye ndiaye Dieureudieuf --- Grow and be successful! Adults, have mercy on the little ones Children, be of service however you can Children, show respect, serve your elders To become learned and show respect is essential Tomorrow ... knowledge ... power This will be our children's legacy today Learning our values will bring blessings Grow and be successful! We give thanks to our honorable Sheikh Ibrahima Fall* Divine Father God be pleased with you Spiritual Father of the Mouride Brotherhood** To his mother, who brought his light into this world Seye Naboudiaye We thank you
Baye Ndongo 03:49
Oh, Baye Ndongo ngui beugg dem sa dara Amoufa ndeye, amoufa baye, diambar la Bou agn joté, mou beugg agn manatouko Bou rerr joté, mou beugg rerr manatouko Baye Ndongo, bougn nodé fadiar lay yewou Diapp, diouli, diangue, wadial dem yalwani Ndiolor, timiss gui, si alleu ba lakoy fekeu Saarah agn mbaa saarah rerr moko tchiy guéné Bou goudi dioté Bamou deelou sa daar ja Niak limou yobou, serigne silé tekk ko ay daane Sakou kham, mba yalwane moko yobou daara Baye Ndongo manatoul Mom milé , mom sonou na d Li waral lolou, Lilii waral lolou, Li waral lolou Modi thiono jamfaye dadj Thiono jamfay daj fakh-man lakoy diourral Motakhit deram dougn ko massa settal Ndongo daaara, teguina yoonou daara Nguir am diam, diam dio xam ni nakhar lassiy dieulé --- Oh, Baye Ndongo wants to leave to study at Daara* No mother, no father, way down there He's a warrior But when lunchtime comes, there’s nothing to eat When dinner time comes, there’s nothing to eat Baye Ndongo, rising at dawn Performs ablutions, prays, studies and prepares to go begging In the full light of day, before nightfall, he is always out and about "Give me something to eat!” At nightfall he returns to the Daara empty handed His master admonishes him Starving for knowledge, he went to the Daara with hands outstretched But Baye Ndongo can't take it anymore He’s there, but he’s exhausted These obstacles, these obstacles, these obstacles Cause him great exhaustion The difficulties and dilemmas he experiences there might render him "fakh-man"** Our little Ndongo Daara no longer takes the path of the Daara For the supposed path of peace is filled with anguish and resentment
Xarritt 03:51
Guiss nala dila woowé xarriit Guiss nala dila woé soopé Guinaw yalla mom miniou boollé Assiko yay moniou boollé Ni kaaylén niou xaritto Andandoo liguey souniou reew (Andandoo liguey Sénégal) Xarrito Xarrito Sénégal nouniou gaal la Sou bakhé nioko mom Ap reeew danioukoy defar Naniou defaraat djiko yiii Naniou fonk souniou reew miii Naniou fonk souniou kaddu Ap reeew danioukoy defar Naniou defaraat djiko yiii Grand Yoff souniou gokh laaa Sou bakhé nioko mom Ap gokh danioukoy defar Naniou defaraat djiko yiii --- I beheld you, by calling you "friend" I beheld you, by calling you "fan" Apart from God who brought us together Assiko brought us together Come, let us join in friendship, Let us walk together, let us build our country (Let us walk together, let us build Senegal) Friendship, Friendship! Senegal is our canoe If it is peaceful, it is ours We build our own country Let's reconsider our behaviors Let's stick to our patriotism by keeping our word We build our own country Let's reconsider our behaviors Grand Yoff is my neighborhood If it's peaceful, it's ours We build our own country Let's reconsider our behaviors
Mix Louange 04:47
L'heure de la victoire c'est l'heure de la vérité À sonner dans nos cœurs que Jésus soit loué Loué soit Jésus Dans la vérité Victoire alléluia Chantant, criant de joie Jésus-Christ est sorti du tombeau... Galilée, Galilée Je viens de la Galilée Alléluia! Jésus peut changer l'atmosphère à tous ces frères Il est ressuscité Victoire! Victoire! L'heure, c'est l'heure des vivants... Il est ressuscité Victoire Le seigneur est vivant (Victoire) Même Marie est vivante (Victoire) Il a vaincu la mort (Victoire) Dans son être applaudi (Victoire) Il a plus de Victoire (Victoire) Eh maman Maria Salve Regina Alle-léh maman alléluia Jésus tu es envoyé Jésus tu es omega Quand nous nous réunissons Jésus est ici Pour nous donner la vie, Amen! Jésus est là Ode-ki de joie Oh zana ey A notre seigneur, Alléluia Ayayayeeh ce n'est pas bien Jésus est puissant Jésus Jésus Jésus Jésus Il est le roi --- The hour of victory is the hour of truth Let it ring in our hearts: May Jesus be praised May Jesus be praised In all truth Victory hallelujah Singing, crying out with joy Jesus Christ has risen from the grave Galilee, Galilee I come from Galilee Hallelujah! Jesus can change the atmosphere for all his brothers He is resurrected Victory! Victory! It's time, it's the time of the living He is resurrected Victory The lord is alive (Victory) Even Mary is alive (Victory) He conquered death (Victory) Glorified in his own being (Victory) He's got more Victory (Victory) Eh mother Maria Salve Regina Alle-léh mother alléluia Jesus you are the Envoy Jesus you are the Omega When we gather Jesus is with us To give us life, Amen! Jesus is with us Oh, cry of joy, praise Zana* ey To our lord, Hallelujah Ayayayeeh.... This is not okay Jesus is mighty Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus He is the king
Borom Darou 03:36
Barrom darou doundal Aoula bagn dafay de waw Ah Ah borrom darou doundal Borrom darou Sikori Mo doy kemane Siguil nga gayi, sa gor ya Ya doy kemane Siguil nga gagni sa goor Ya doy kemane Terral nga gagni sa goor Mo doy kemane Allah Allah La'illah ha illalaaah Kane mo warral Iii Cheikhoul Khadim mo warral Iii Mame borrom Darou Borom Borom Darou --- Borom Darou* lives long Anyone who doesn't love you will perish Ah Ah Borom Darou lives long The homeowner of Sikori** A true mystery He honored his brothers, among the proud warriors He remains a mystery You honored your brothers Among proud warriors You remain a mystery Allah Allah There’s no God but God To whom belongs this honor? Dedicated to Cheikhoul Khadim Who went to sea Darou Borom Borom Darou


Assiko Golden Band de Grand Yoff is the sprawling drum collective tearing up Dakar’s nightlife scene. Senegalese poet Djiby Ly (Wau Wau Collectif) is backed by fourteen different percussive instruments plus horns, winds, balafon, and the occasional accordion, combining Count Ossie’s spiritually elevated polyrhythms with Fela Kuti’s orchestra and Tony Allen’s groove.

Based in the impoverished neighborhood of Grand Yoff and operating as a mutual aid group for the larger community, the band builds its songs on ancient rhythms passed on from Senegal, Cameroon, and the infamous Gorée Island. In both Wolof and French, Djiby preaches a message of uplift and cooperation rooted in the Sufi teachings of the Mouride Brotherhood, as well as Christianity and animist religions. “Senegal, my life my joy” is the call and response chanted over cascading, infinitely layered drum patterns on opener “La Musique Du Cœur.” “We build our own country” the band proclaims in Wolof on “Xarritt.”

For twenty years and across three generations of band members, Assiko have played raucous all-night jams at weddings, secret parties, and political rallies. Grainy cellphone footage of their live shows has spread online. But this is their first album, the result of a collaboration with Swedish musician and archivist Karl-Jonas Winqvist (Sing A Song Fighter), who met the band in Dakar in 2018 and facilitated recording sessions and overdubs via Whatsapp (no small feat with so many musicians). This is vital, exciting, and innovative music, alive with energy and purpose, a band rooted in a very specific community but speaking to the world.


released November 10, 2023

Assiko Golden Band de Grand Yoff:

Aziz Gning : vocals, percussion
Oscar Gomes - vocals
Dieugue Diop : thioung percussion, coeur
Henry Coly : bouga perciussion
Vincent Mendy : vocals, contre percussion, coeur
Babacar Nging : contre percussion, coeur
Seydou Dia : vocals, basse percussion, coeur
François Bass : basse percussion, coeur
Abdoulahad Faye : thiathia percussion, coeur
Joacheme Mendy : djiémé percussion, coeur
Djiby Ly - flute, poem, vocals
Ndongo Faye - percussion
Ibrahima Camarra - balafon
Alladı N'diaye - vocals
Laye Mangane - percussion
Bapis Faye - percussion, coeur
Japha - percussion


Lina Langendorf: saxophone
Amanda Fritzén - accordion
Abdou Cissokho - kora
Lamine Cissokho - kora
Karl Jonas Winqvist - bells and rattles

Produced by Karl Jonas Winqvist and Djiby Ly
Recorded by Cenzo Beatz at Karantaba Records, Dakar, Senegal
The tiny overdubs (saxophone, accordion, kora, bells and effects) was recorded by Henrik Sunbring at Helter Skelter studio, Stockholm, Sweden.
Mixed and mastered by Henrik Sunbring.


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